SD11 A04

About client

International Festival of Animated Films in the beautiful South Bohemian town of Třeboň. Festival is focused for both professionals and laymen and children's audience. The visual style of the previous editions often referred to the venue – the area known for its lakes, fishing and carps. Every year there is a participation of foreign films and audience. Anifilm is the biggest competitor of the second Czech festival of animated films – Anifest. Our task was to be different.




Create complex visual style for the festival, including jingles, catalog and decoration of the city. Part of this work was also to design countless advertisements in the media, editing websites and of course the festival posters. One of the great "subtasks" was to create a new and clear program of the festival. Divide and redo a color code for different sections so that each viewer is able to easily navigate. Colors were to be chosen sufficiently distinctive and different.

Solutions and results

Our solution was to design the alphabet characters based on the fourth year of the festival. We were inspired by the animated film world and created a complete alphabet, which is based on only of zeros and fours – all possible shapes and functions, 130 characters, each unique picture with a different story. On the basis of this alphabet we were able to easily generate all visual outputs. Jingle festival served as the first and most explanatory element. There are individual animated shapes in its nature – the brick wall is knocked down to zero as the wheel spins you see zero, number four strikes as lightning and thunder, number four rendered by music as equalizer. Our intention was readability and visual simplicity. To be visible in the competition of other posters around. Our work was awarded at the Jihlava festival and we got the Audience Award (which we highly value) for the best festival poster. Also, this year's attendance was several thousand more :)


MgA. Jakub Korous
graphic design and visual communication

+420 603 167 913