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About client

Lucie Stejskalová is an architect and theoretician of urbanism. She studied architecture at the School of Applied Arts in Prague in the studio of Jiří Smetana. She worked for the Centre for Central European Architecture, and is involved in IPR Prague in Section strategies and policies in the preparation of strategic projects and the Strategic Plan of the City Prague. Myslet město project was created within the interdisciplinary debate on the form of contemporary European cities and development strategies. Its aim is to create an independent platform that brings together various experts with a common interest in the topic of the city development.


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As the authors of graphic design we received a large volume of disparate data. We had text that was structured into several parts. We had photos of different quality and from different authors. Finally, we had a huge pile of graphs, maps and tables. In the case of graphs and maps there was a big problem to solve – copyright, how to reconcile the great differences in the quality of source data and how to make everything uniform appearance. Assignment was clear, to make the book. A big challenge for us how to put everything together.

Solutions and results

We have chosen a font family, with three styles - serif, sans-serif and monospace. The theme of the book is the contrast between the planned and the natural development of the city. Our typesetting is enriched by generated element, a random combination of the three typeface styles. The same principle, as the issues in the book. Graphs and maps are solved unification through pixelization. Everything was painted and prepare tailor-made. Various quality photos are resolved by converting them to black and white. The whole book is printed in two colors - green and black. We managed to use only halftones of these two colors to get all the necessary information. The book was awarded as part of the Most Beautiful Books of 2014 - Award TypoDesignClub for graphic design.


MgA. Jakub Korous
graphic design and visual communication

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